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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why not just quit?

If there was ever a time to throw in the towel, give up, and quit, I am sure scores of individuals could attest to this being that moment. The economy has tanked, no jobs for budding young professionals or non professionals, hope has left and been replaced with doubt and discouragement.

I am sure some people read my opening statement and felt good. It is the song of the desolate and hopeless. Why say anything else? Why believe things are going to change?

As bad as it seems to some, there is hope. There is a perspective that ensures things will get better. History repeats itself.

Until things do get better how do we find hope? Guard what you watch! How much news can you watch before you feel your stomach turn?

Be careful of what you allow yourself to hear. Find someone, anyone, who seems to appreciate the life they have and realize that hope and joy are given perspectives by those who choose to pursue them. It takes a simple stroll through the local hospital to realize the gift of life.

What do you have to offer? Is there anything you can do to help others right around you? Is it possible for you to do something? Something that offers you the ability to assist others while using the talent, gift, time, and or career training.

A few weeks ago our pastor started a series called "Do Something!" The question he asked was what if the entire church could offer the city of Anderson 20,000 volunteer work hours?

He approached the Mayor (and school system) and requested a 'to do' list ( that our church could begin to tackle. He initially told a story of an experience he had. The point of the story was that people watched him personally experience a situation and initially the reaction was to state the problem. It took time for anyone to simply 'do something' about the situation.It is an interesting concept of which the protagonist was author and former professional football player Miles McPherson.

How many of us know people who lost their job or simply are having a hard time? I heard of a church that was not doing well and received calls from other church goers inquiring about how they could buy their furnishings. I couldn't help but think why can't we do something to help save the church instead of people waiting for their demise.

I have made the challenge personal and met with 12 friends. All 12 of us work together to push ourselves to complete projects that have been stalled because we may not have the time, tools, or resources to take them to the next step. At the end of the day we want to all contribute to each other by serving each other as a group.

What could we change if we all decided to 'do something' as an entire city?

Jesse J Wilkerson is the principal for a local architecture firm, Jesse J Wilkerson & Associates LLC. He also hosts "Vision for Success" on 1240 AM WHBU and is a columnist for the Herald Bulletin in Anderson, In, USA. You may find his articles at under the Opinion section of the newspaper.

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