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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prepare to press forward

British neo soul songwriter, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, wrote the lyrics, "Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavement, even if it leads no where," to capture a myriad of feelings she wanted to relay to her fans about relationships.

The way the chorus of the song is presented it can cover a number of topics universally of anyone pursuing a passion be it career goals, relationships, and or ideas. It makes you wonder if there is a moment when reality overshadows your dreams when you give up and never make it back to engagement in what you are most called to do in life. Should you ever give up on your dreams?

American philosopher Dr. Cornel Ronald West on network television recently stated, "What we need more than anything else these days is courage,incredible courage. You have to be able to cut against the grain. You have to distance yourself from your peer group. You have to have an habitual vision of greatness! You have to believe in fact that you will refuse to settle for mediocrity. You won't confuse financial security with personally integrity or your success with your greatness or your prosperity with you magnanimity. Your vision of greatness is luring you all the time for something grander than you."

The quotes above are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. One is at the point of quiting, but questioning the need to keep moving forward. The other might be at the same point but refuses to entertain anything but the goal of success.
Dr. West statement isn't a matter of revelation, but a matter of fact related to the approach of building anything great. Success means different things to different people. For me success is knowing my purpose in life.

At this time in the year I like reflecting back to key decisions that I have made in preparation for charting out my new year. What decisions had the greatest impact on your life? What should you have done differently?

Some people live their lives as though there are no struggles, pain, failure, and or missed opportunities. That is not my world. I don't write with a passion for vision or paint a picture of success because of my existence in a perfect world. I write of a bright future in spite of anything I see or hear that contradicts what I know to be a vision of the truth. It is a conscious effort to press forward instead of complaining or becoming discouraged about what I see.

This upcoming year I am compelled to not only understand what to do, but how to do it. The greatest success stories are of those that have persevered. What will this year mean to you? Amidst some of the greatest struggles of our time how will you move forward?

Jesse J Wilkerson is the principal for a local architecture firm, Jesse J Wilkerson & Associates LLC. He also hosts "Vision for Success" on 1240 AM WHBU and is a columnist for the Herald Bulletin in Anderson, In, USA. You may find his articles at under the Opinion section of the newspaper.

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