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Monday, September 13, 2010

Involve yourself in being a part of the solution!

There are few things that move me more deeply than seeing an expression of undeserved hatred acted out in violence.

Over the last several months I have written this column with a solution based focus. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out the problems in our community for our businesses and its citizens.

Though a presentation of solutions could be criticized as not possible, it is my hope that the ideas presented open the door to like-minded individuals who will engage themselves in active duty of building this city.

Who has the right to criticize what is being done by our local business owners, our pastors, our community leaders, our school system, and our community organizations? It can’t be the people who sit around and do absolutely nothing because they weren’t elected to office or given a position of leadership! They serve no capacity in their time given to this community, yet their voice rings loudest with complaints.

I personally don’t care if you are a Republican, a Democrat, Black or White, young, old, a resident of the west side or east side, business owner, employee, employed or unemployed, until you’ve given your time and best effort to make this community the best it can be, your words should be seasoned with a proactive message of what you can and will do to contribute or you should be silent.

I believe it’s time we weed out the voices of those who have so much to say about this city yet they have not taken 1 hour to contribute to our youth, who are nearly beating each other to near death! They haven’t given their time to clean one street nor have they offered a single encouraging word, yet they bleed hatred and animosity towards this community.

If our community leaders and business owners would rally together and put forth a plan to build and enhance the lives of people here in this town I believe that together we could do something that has never been done before. I believe this community could create a model of the idea city. I believe that each person here could play a role in actively serving at some capacity. You could serve the school system, the church, local non-profit organizations, nursing homes, hospitals, or even start with your own family.

I am challenged to do more. I am challenged to start in my own house and be a better husband and father, to be a better friend. I am challenge to give more and talk less, to get myself to an even greater position of strength with my own personal disciplines of faith.

If you are going to live here then make sure you do something to make your life count. We all face struggles and have challenges that could potentially sideline us, but the truth is you and I have a responsibility to contribute to this community’s well being.

Start now!

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