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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Every Vision Needs a Plan of Execution to be Successful

To look at things optimistically is one thing. Sometimes it is the optimistic person that gives the impression that they know everything. I am not that person. In fact I will clearly state it for the record. I do not claim to be a know it all. My life experience both hits and misses and association with knowledgeable peers has helped me understand things from a broader perspective.

To have a vision of something, a concept, a goal, an ideal, or dream is one thing, but the execution of any vision should be well thought out and planned. In the architecture and construction industry it is the construction drawings or the blueprint that acts as a road map for builders. The plans when well documented are detailed enough to literally describe everything on paper that needs to be built from the foundation to the final finishes.

Regardless of how broad any one person’s perspective might be from concept to realization there has to be an executable plan. Has anyone effectively made positive change without a detailed plan? Though there may be unforeseen obstacles if you stick to the plan or prepare yourself properly resolutions can be more readily achieved. The burden of failure comes when we deviate or try to circumvent the plan to take short cuts, cut costs, or simply try to reach our goal in haste.

The plan demonstrates the competency and knowledge of the architect. From concept or initial vision to construction, the final product is a representation of a process that when adhered to will yield a tangible physical structure. This is the same in the auto industry, fashion industry, and nearly every creative industry that exists.

For cities and towns it is the Comprehensive Plan that acts as a blueprint for building a successful city. If a city adopts one it should weigh its pros and cons for final adjustments and do everything possible to sustain it. A successful plan includes factual details of the past and present and forecasts a vision/plan of where we are going next.

From our city’s current development plan, I see growth and development to the south, no development on the north, and no development on the west side of town. We have a small pocket of federally funded development near downtown. How do we stress the importance of adhering to a well developed plan against federal requirements or limited developer resources? How do we actively pursue development for all sides of town to develop a complete city?

What if we ask our legislators, politicians, lobbyist, developers and community activist to familiarize them with the Comprehensive Plan? We make the plan readily available to every interested party in and outside of our community.

A vision of what our community’s potential will be will never be realized if we do not execute someone’s plan together.

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