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Sunday, January 24, 2010

How do we lead?

Leadership is the ability to carry a particular vision or desired outcome to a level of execution by a submitted group of people who choose to support that vision with their time, energy, and or resources.

True leadership weather it originates in the church, home, work, or government leans on the fact that someone has a vision or a positive outlook or direction that he or she believes is the best way to go for present and future endeavors.

It means that someone is so inspired that though they are the shortest guy in the room they think and act out what it might be like to be the tallest or maybe it is the person with the most exposure that feels the need to cast a vision upon followers based upon their "experience."

It is the very act of leadership that shapes our future. Today’s leaders are mapping out our history.

In light of the facts of quality leadership, how does a town of just under 60k take the lead in education, technology, industry, business, religion, cultural diversity, development and any other viable component of our community?

We start with exposure to a larger broader vision. We start with the limits of possibilities but we don't stop there. Real vision stretches beyond the conceivable with hopes of landing at a far better place than circumstances and situations say are even possible.

For example, imagine our community having the best school system in the nation. If we were the best school system in the nation what type of programs would our schools offer or what type of education would go on in our homes? Does it cost us more money to look into the top programs now instead of sometime in the future.

I want to go to Harvard GSD. I haven't made it there yet, but I picked up a curriculum and purchased all the materials to keep up with the classes I will be taking. I will be prepared should the opportunity present itself.

What about sustainability? There are communities today run by wind farms/turbines. What if we were those communities? How would we appropriate the money that we saved by conserving energy? What about Mass transit? What if we had thought about incorporating mass transit 25 years ago? What would we be thinking about now?

How do we lead today? We start by exposing ourselves to the impossible things that might enhance our existence and provide us with the community of our dreams. Somewhere along the line we align ourselves with leaders that carry us closer to an attainable reality. A small vision/plan will yield result for the immediate time frame while a large vision/plan will present risk, challenges, and the possibility of lasting change that will put us ahead of the curve.

Leadership comes with vision!


  1. GREAT BLOG, solid content and extremely positive message!

  2. I enjoyed the radio show on Saturday, Feb. 6 with Joe Newman. I am also into ad campaigns and also political campaigns, and Mr. Newman had some good fundamental strategies & tactics. A little dated, but good.