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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Think of yourself as an independent entrepreneur...

2009 is upon us. If last year was any indication of how time flies, I think we all better buckle up. This year is a year of promise, depending on how you choose to look at it.

The way we view each year has more to do with what’s on the inside then what we see around us.

All the talk I have done about planning has been put into practice in my own life. Last week I put together a yearlong plan. My church has helped to cultivate a continuum in my life.

I heard that the more money you have the more planning you tend to do. I don’t know which is a byproduct of the other money or planning, but I will say that my plan includes goals pertaining to life, marriage, family, business, health and fitness, finances, education, travel and spiritual growth.

These items are attainable if I employ discipline and with steady encouragement from my wife, family, and friends.

I also have become privy to a resource that I would like to share with you. Her name is Julie Morgenstern. She has been featured in Oprah’s Magazine, spoken at company seminars for Microsoft and developed a rather successful enterprise in the “get organized” category.

For some people organization is a daunting task that should be done only when all the stars align. I have met very few people that do it well. Staying organized means creating a system that works for you. Did you know that there is actually a statistic that shows that people who keep their office desk organized are more likely to get promoted that a clutter box employee.

Julie has books and videos at the library that can help guide you through a cleansing process. Try reading ORGANIZING FROM THE INSIDE OUT or TIME MANAGEMENT FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

If you are a business owner introduce these videos this year and see how the productivity of your company changes.

The bottom line with organization is establishing a level of order that will make you more efficient and in turn improve your personal environment. Some people think order is a matter of how much space you have to organize. The reality is the less space the better organized you should be.

What can you eliminate as clutter from your daily life?
Several principles came to mind from years ago when I was introduced to Julie’s writings. She says “Be your own Boss, even If you are an employee of a company. Think of yourself as an independent entrepreneur working with your company, not a hired hand working for it. Independent contractors must deliver results every day while employees sometimes allow themselves more slack and act as though their employees owe them something.”

You can

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