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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Healthcare is for Everyone!

After sitting down to all of the holiday trimmings over the last 30 days I decided to go play basketball at the invitation of a friend Saturday morning at South Meridian Church of God.

I haven’t stepped on a basketball court to play in the last 4 years and I have the waste line to show it. I went down into the basement and pulled out a jersey from the old ABA team my wife and I owned and one of the many pairs of brand new Pony shoes that I have in all sizes.

I figured I could at least look good if I was going to try to play again.
There I was stretching and praying that I wouldn’t have a heart attack. I grabbed a rebound and took center court on a goal to goal drive. I took the ball through my legs and behind my back in a moment of grandeur that gained a cheer “that’s the ‘J’ I remember,” from Shon Perry, a 30 something old high school classmate and friend.

My defender went one way and I another. I stopped took a jump shot, nothing but net!

I wanted to relish in my moment but the rest of my time on the court I spent looking for an inhailer. For a second, I thought I was going to cough up a lung. My leg tightened up and I called it quits after 2 games.

All this basketball playing had made me seriously thinking about health insurance and a physical. Being out of shape is one thing, but thinking that I haven’t had a serious check up since being laid off and starting my own company is another.

When I got laid off in September of 2007 I was forced to file for unemployment. I went to FSSA to get health coverage since I was approved for unemployment benefits. After nearly 6 weeks of communication and email and faxing multiple documents (nearly 50 pages), my family was denied health care coverage. I was told that I made too much money from unemployment.

That’s the most hideous thing I have ever heard! The weary process along with other pressing matters caused me to throw in the towel for the moment.
The state government approved the amount I drew down on unemployment, then they tell me I don’t qualify for coverage. So as my wife I got ready for the birth of a new born I had to take what little I received and pay full cost health coverage.

Today I am reapplying for HIP. This is my second attempt at HIP because of my change in status regarding employment. The health system is so confusing to me now. In Paris the younger generation doesn’t pay any health care. We need to Walmart healthcare. Make it so that we have what is needed at the lowest price possible and squeeze the healthcare system for everything its worth. For my dear friends in the healthcare industry please be advised that this simply my frustration talking.

I think the whole city should market themselves as one big company with 58,000 employees and strong arm the healthcare providers to give us coverage at decent prices. HIP is first come first serve. This could be all come and all are served. It is not rocket science. The healthcare industry seems swollen with escalating cost.

If you have been as frustrated as I have you may want to seek outside assistance in working through the system. A great resource is the Urban League. They will be holding a seminar to help people maneuver the system and get the coverage you need.

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