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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Could the Church be the Center of Economic Development?

After years of thinking about this and limited research, I have come to the conclusion that the church just might be the center of economic development.

Many of you might challenge such a claim because for some the church has represented the underfunded entity of most communities.

Segregated churches, lack of financial resources, promiscuity amongst its leaders, and division all represent synonyms for some people's impression of the modern day church; however, it doesn't diminish the churches stance in history (cite: history of Roman Catholic Church) nor its potential to achieve its underlying historic calling.

Since its inception the church has stood as a challenger to the secular environment and has in turn, in some cases, stabilized civilizations through religious order and or religious governance.

The early church though resisted, contributed to societal development from the core of its biblical foundation and the teachings which had a direct impact on it’s leaders.

This has an economic recourse.

Kings relied on priest to inform them in times of crisis (for example in the Holy Bible Joseph advised King Pharaoh). The governing corporate body sought out such council to gain insight into the future and or assistance with their decision making.

Here is the modern day correlation; the elected governing bodies are in crisis. Decisions made now will irrevocably impact generations to come.

Here is the modern day problem; How can governing bodies rely on a group of religious leaders who represented a fractured community of faith who struggle to pull resources and ideas across denominational lines let alone offer solutions to economic disparity?

For all of its history the church at large stands at attention in silence to the economic crisis now faced without a voice to change people's fears to hope as their internal efforts rely on some counter influence, be it social, financial, or political.

Here is my call; To every pastor and or leader of a titled faith based organization why not offer our leaders a God given solution for our community.

A church that meets the need of the community is a vibrant and relevant church.

Providing us with a solution that highlights your solidarity to each other regardless of your denomination, race, or financial status would benefit us all.

The church is the center of economic development, but only if its leaders direct its constituents into healthy influences and wise decisions. With the core focus of the church as the health of the total man there is no greater authority to address societal woes.

Many business owners and elected officials look to religious leaders for inspiration and insight especially in times of crisis.

The individual pursuit of purpose, happiness, and one’s inner inhibitions drives economic development, what better place to resolve those issues than the church?

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