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Saturday, October 17, 2009


There is nothing more American than the Presidential Inauguration. The inauguration is like watching the last great monarchy or appointment of a king. Its’ rich history alludes to the fact that Americans are prone to formalities that carry with it the symbols of high society.

It’s hard to imagine that for all of the pomp and circumstance entrepreneurs rake in top dollar for such an occasion. There are t-shirts, hats, buttons, badges, and flags.

Though my political views probably parallel that of Pastor Rick Warren, I watched this year’s inauguration with the mindset of a young entrepreneur, as a citizen of a struggling economy, as a person of Christian faith and as one of the country’s millions of minorities.

As an entrepreneur, I never want to see “big government,” but I realize that it has never gotten any smaller since our government began. My hope is that what is placed into governance are policies that make government run more efficiently especially for business.

No matter your political views last Tuesday meant something special. Though I personally don’t agree with every projected policy I took time to celebrate the moment with the realization that lesser men have occupied this office and been given the opportunity to succeed or fail.

Last week prior to the event and with the celebration of Martin Luther King holiday fresh on my mind, I penned my thoughts as we as a country were on the verge of a new page of history.

For now there is no space between here and there. Time and space have collapsed with the dream of the inevitable.

For the struggles of every person who fought for equality, who died for justice, who sang with faith, who bled with hope, this moment transcends them all.

For this moment the past, present, and the future stand at attention to proclaim the beauty of what seems so right.

We have watched hatred guard the path that leads to justice, we have watched fear strong arm our pioneers to their death, and ignorance be the wall that separates the light from the darkness.
But for this moment time stands still to give credence to the generational journey, to the visionaries, to handmaids, to the slaves and captives of exile, to the babies unborn, to the cries in the wilderness, to the future of every living soul.

We stand in the shadows of some of those who lived with a failed hope. Who never saw this day in person, but dreamed this day all their lives.

This day in history means that a new seed has been planted in the hearts of some men. It means that faith and hope once again have eradicated the evil that has hid opportunity.

This day means that every man can once again carry the words that hang in the balance of our atmosphere penned in 1892 by the Baptist minister Francis Bellamy who with the aspiration of all people wrote - “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.”

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